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We've combed the web and scoured the compiled the following list of useful resources to support you with the knowledge you need to maximise your

While care has been taken in providing these links, The Diabetic GP Clinic is not responsible for the content on those sites and does not necessarily endorse their content. It is the responsibility of the web user to assess the accuracy and reliability of the information.

These are some of the best, however if you know of any others you have found useful and think others will too please email them to us at

  • Diabetes Australia (

  • Diabetes Queensland (

  • Diabetes Australia App

  • If we are allowed, a link to “the Diabetes Risk Calculator” from the Diabetes Australia website (

There are so many health apps out there now that tell us what to eat, when to eat, how far to run and how to keep track of those calories.

And the good news is they seem to be working, with research from the University of Washington suggesting that people are much more likely to adopt healthy behaviours when guided by the internet or an app.

That's great for those of us who just need a little extra motivation to get off the couch, but the health tech sector is also creating apps to assist those who are already battling an illness or have a medical, physical or mental health condition that requires constant monitoring.

There are programs to keep track of moods and menstruation cycles right through to helping those with chronic illnesses tailor their treatment and manage possible side effects.


mySugr Diabetes Diary

This app helps those living with diabetes keep track of their carb intake, glucose numbers, blood pressure, weight and exercise. You can track these for a specified period of time and download a report for your GP. Available on iPhone and Android.


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