Psychology is the study of behaviour and the mind, embracing all aspects of conscious and unconscious experience as well as thought.

Everyone deals with the diagnosis of Diabetes differently. Some quite easily take on board all the information and make the necessary lifestyle changes. However for others it’s not so simple; for some a diagnosis is frustrating and overwhelming. People do not want to be seen as being different. People may struggle with dietary changes and what is perceived as healthy is different to what they have always thought.

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be a major life stress. A psychologist can help you deal with some of the mental challenges it poses such as grief, denial, anxiety, depression, shame and guilt.  They form an integral part of your health care and increase your support system.

Our psychologist Manya Sheifske can help you manage these challenges by focusing on what diabetes means to you and helping you to take responsibility for your health and embrace your diabetes treatments as central to that health. 

Visits to our psychologist can be eligible for a rebate as part of your diabetic care  plan initiated by your GP.   Private health insurance may also cover some of the cost of these visits  - so check with your health fund if you have one or come in and see us today.