An exercise physiologist is an allied health professional who specialises in assisting patients with a medical condition through exercise.  They have a wide range of knowledge and skills that can support you, both mentally and physically.

If you have diabetes, or are at risk, exercise plays an important part in keeping you healthy.  The right exercise can help your body to:

  • use insulin better

  • maintain a healthy weight

  • lower your blood pressure

  • reduce your risk of heart disease

  • reduce stress

Our exercise physiologist Mahn Cooke can teach you how to effectively lower your blood sugar levels, improve your strength, increase your fitness and control your weight. Come in and see him today!

Medicare assist with rebates for seeing an exercise physiologist if certain care plans are initiated by your GP. Private health insurance may also cover some of the cost of these visits  - so check with your health fund if you have one or come in and see us today.