Dietitians are a valuable resource in your effort to keep diabetes and your weight in control, but many people overlook them.  A healthy diet is the first step to a healthy life, and is essential to diabetes management as it can help control blood glucose (sugar) levels and achieve a healthy weight. In Type 1 diabetes, diet plays an even greater role; matching insulin doses to the carbohydrate in the food we eat means Type 1 diabetics need to know how to plan their food, insulin and activity with even greater precision. 

Our dietitian, Andrea Macdonald is also a Credentialed Diabetes Educator - which means she's undergone extra training to understand the 'ins and outs' of how your diet relates to your diabetes, your medications and your exercise routines. She can help you set up a meal plan tailored to your individual needs and tastes,  teach you how to count carbohydrate in your food, control portion sizes and watch your calorie intake. 

Andrea also works closely with our GPs to make sure your medication regime works in harmony with your diet.   Together, you'll work to develop a diet that keeps your blood sugar in control, but is also appealing enough that you can stick to it.  

Medicare may provide a rebate on Dietitians’ fees under some care plans if referred by your GP.  You may also receive a rebate from your private health fund if you have one, depending on the type of cover you have.