A Diabetes Educator is a specialist in not only diabetes, but also people. They are health professionals who have completed further study to focus their efforts on helping you manage your diabetes effectively and prevent complications.  Diabetes Educators work closely with your doctor, combining knowledge and know-how to support and motivate you in making informed decisions about your health.  They are often the first point of call at diagnosis and essential in ongoing reviews. 

At the Diabetic GP Clinic, our diabetes educators are credentialed - meaning they've undergone extra training and assessment in order to better help our patients.  Focusing on your individual needs, they help with information and tips on lifestyle, healthy diet, regular exercise and medication management.  They're schooled up on the latest in technologies - like bluetooth blood glucose meters and insulin pumps - to help make self-management easier. 

 Our Credentialed Diabetes Educators Suzanne Radford and Andrea Macdonald also provide a handy link to other health professionals. With an in-depth knowledge on all aspects of diabetes they can recognise when you need to see other members of your health care team for example, a podiatrist, dietitian or an optometrist. They strive for all patients to be connected and engaged, armed with the latest information. They are here just for you. 

Medicare assists with a rebate for seeing a diabetes educator under certain care plans. See your doctor for more information. Private healthcare insurance may also cover some costs, so check with your individual health fund too.